Live Mag! was born to run at the Bowery Poetry Club. It was conceived by Bob Holman and Jeff Wright as a performance / publication dual event created specifically for the Bowery Poetry Club. The live events feature editors of other publications as guests. These guests read their own works, read some favorites and then solicit poems from the audience to read. The works that are read are considered "published" in Live Mag! This gives authors an extra chance to be published.

Previous editor guests have included Hannah Winarsky, editor of Princeton University Press, William Electric Black of La Mama Etc., Michael Andre of Unmuzzled Ox . Erika Jo Brown, editor of Stretching Panties Magazine, Bob Holman of the Bowery Poetry Press and Gary Parrish of Farfalla Press.

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright hails from the moutains of West Virginia. He began writing poems and song lyrics in high school in Flagstaff, Arizona. After moving to New York City in 1976 he studied with Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley at St. Mark's Church. He began Hard Press and published poetry postcards and books.

In 1987 he recieved his Masters in Fine Arts in Poetry from Brooklyn College after studying with Allen Ginsberg who wrote a forward to his book, Take Over. Wright published Cover Magazine, for fifteen years until 2000.

Currently, Wright reviews poetry for the Brooklyn Rail and art criticism for Artnexus, Chelsea Now, and the Villager. He has written 10 books of poetry, has appeared in six anthologies and curated five art shows.

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